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Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

Alice Kingsley from Liverpool recently turned the big 4-0.

For Alice, matt25 was the next piece of her jigsaw. She was happily settled in her house and now it was time for her to look for a job. She had no employment references so this was proving to be extremely difficult. Through the matt25 programme Alice gained vital experience and also has the work references she so desperately needed, to compete equally with others in the job market.

matt25 has given her the opportunity to show what she is very capable of in the work place. 

“I have discovered things about myself that I never knew before both positive and negative. I have achieved a real sense of belonging.”

On Alice’s first day at her work placement she travelled by train with other commuters and felt like one of them. “I hadn’t realised until then what had been lacking in my life. I felt a real sense of purpose and achievement; I felt normal, part of the real world” continues Alice.

For Alice, matt25 offered her the chance to change her life, she found the courage to do something different, previously Alice used to spend her days sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle. “I would encourage everyone to take that leap of faith and change their life. It is scary but there is so much support available.”

“I would recommend matt25 to other residents without any hesitation. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. If I had to rate matt25 out of 10 it has to be a big fat 10! The support and encouragement I have received from everyone involved with matt25 has been astonishing. Now that I am coming to the end of the programme I feel confident and able to take on the world.”