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The best way to find out about the work that Adullam does and how people feel about working for the organisation is to hear what those currently employed by us have to say.

Thank you to our team members who agreed to let us share comments they had made and to those who chatted on film.

Testimonials from our staff

My team is the best. Seriously, I have never worked in such a great team. I feel loved and cherished. I had my 50th birthday last month and I was celebrated.

Being respected and valued. They don’t see my skin colour but see me as I am. The best thing is to empower the residents. I have met them on the street after they have moved on and it makes me proud when they tell me how well they are doing.

The workplace is nice and everyone helps each other. It’s such a nice environment here and the people are really good to work with and most of the clients are lovely too.

I am sure I speak for everyone here at ABEN in Radcliffe, it is so refreshing and thoughtful to receive such emails from yourself and really lifts morale (not that it’s low). I love working for Adullam, the best job I have had and I look forward to everyday working with the company and the team at Radcliffe

Much appreciated by all and a big thank you from Bury Bridges for your continued support. We are aware of how busy you are and the demands on your time yet you always find the time to help where needed.

Video interviews with our staff