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If you are unhappy with the service you have received, we have a complaints procedure.

Adullam Homes Housing Association Limited is committed to providing quality, responsive and timely services that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our Tenants, Residents and Service Users. However we realise that things can occasionally go wrong and that despite our best efforts, we may not always get things right. When this happens, we will act quickly to resolve a problem, keep the individual/s informed of our actions, advise of how we will learn from the experience and do things differently to prevent it happening again. Where this happens, it is important for our Tenants, Residents and Service Users to be able to tell us, so that we can address these concerns.

Adullam’s Mission Statement is ‘Restoring Hope and Dignity’, and the Complaints Policy links directly to our values:
 Valuing the Individual
 Integrity and Fairness
 Striving for Excellence

Policy statement
Adullam Homes is committed to providing an excellent service for all and recognise sometimes there will be some dissatisfaction and that a complaint will be made. We will investigate complaints
in a confidential and respectful manner, agreeing with the individual how they will be kept informed throughout the process and wherever possible we will seek to resolve complaints informally to
achieve a swift and satisfactory outcome without the need for a formal complaint.

What comprises a complaint?

  • Failure to provide a service that we say we will
  • Failure to provide that service to a reasonable standard
  • Failure to follow an Adullam policy or published service standard or agreed process
  • The unprofessional behaviour of a member of staff (e.g. in breach of Code of Conduct policy)
  • Failure to provide information or the right information in a timely manner.

If Adullam Homes decides not to accept a complaint, a detailed explanation will be provided setting out the reasons why the matter is not suitable for the complaints process and their right to
contact the Housing Ombudsman.

Housing Ombudsman Service

Complaint form: Fill in the online complaint form


Phone: 0300 111 3000

Write: Housing Ombudsman Service, PO Box 152, Liverpool L33 7WQ



Adullam Homes has adopted the principles set out by the Housing Ombudsman Service in its approach to complaint resolution.
We will: –
• Be fair – treating people fairly and follow fair processes – a constructive approach that applies consistent principles to all complaints and each complaint is considered on the facts of each individual case
• Put things right – where we have got things wrong
• Learn from the outcome of complaints – feedback to service users including the complainant on lessons learnt and actions taken to improve service delivery.


We will respect the confidential nature of the complaints we receive and if the complainant asks us not to speak to particular individuals, we will respect their wishes, but this may restrict our ability
to resolve the complaint.

In keeping records about complaints and any access to our complaints register we will comply with relevant data protection requirements under the General Data Protection Regulations.

Where complaints are made anonymously, we will investigate wherever possible, however without specific details this may not always be possible although we will always record such
complaints. Adullam has a zero-tolerance approach to victimisation of complainants and Tenants,

Residents and Service Users can be assured that they will not be treated in a negative way as a result of making a complaint. Where a conflict of interest may be of concern this a complaint will be allocated to an independent employee.


A leaflet outlining the Complaints Policy and procedure is available and can be made available in different formats on request.