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Adullam’s mission statement is: “Restoring hope and dignity through quality housing and support”.  

Adullam aims to help people to access safe, comfortable accommodation and to support them to go on to lead independent lives. A key part of “Restoring hope and dignity” is helping tenants, residents, and services users to improve their employability and find opportunities to gain work and work experience, particularly through social enterprise activities.

Values and Behaviours

Adullam was formed for the benefit of the community by the late Walter Moore, as an expression of his Christian faith.

Our values at Adullam, and the expected behaviours that flow from them, were developed by the Board, tenants, residents and service users, and staff.

Our values are:

  • Valuing the Individual
  • Integrity and Faireness
  • Striving for Excellence

Board Members are guardians of the Association’s values. It is essential for the culture and well-being of the Association that the values are lived out in practice because they impact upon the way that we behave towards one another, our tenants, residents and services users, and other stakeholders (commissioners, partners, suppliers, and friends of Adullam).


No. Our mission was revised in 2020, simply by adding “through quality housing and support” to the end of “Restoring hope and dignity”. This was to make it clear how we achieve our aim.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the Board, but our staff are expected to deliver the Association’s values and behaviours, as part of their day-to-day work and to work in accordance with them.

No. Our staff, tenants, residents, and services users follow a wide range of beliefs, and some have no religion at all.