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Condensation or moisture in the air in your home can cause mould growth which in turn can lead to respiratory illness and make existing conditions such as asthma much worse.

If you are experiencing any damp or mould issues in your Adullam home, please call 0121 271 0789 to arrange a priority inspection.

What causes condensation?

Warm, moist air condenses and forms water when it comes into contact with a cool surface, such as a wall or window.
Condensation is not caused by water coming in from outside your home, it is the result of moisture produced inside the property.

There are four main causes of condensation:
  • Too much moisture being produced within the home
  • Not enough ventilation
  • Cold surfaces
  • The temperature of your home

What can you do to reduce condensation?

You can help reduce conditions that lead to condensation dampness by:

  • Keeping your home well-ventilated, for example opening windows when cooking for bathing and ensuring that any extractor fan or ventilation system installed in your home is regularly cleaned and working
  • Heating rooms sufficiently – the World Health Organisation recommends 18°c as a minimum
  • Keep the presence of moisture to a minimum, for example cover saucepans when cooking, dry washing outside, and keep the bathroom door closed when bathing.

See our tips leaflet for more ideas.

What has Adullam done?

Adullam monitors all repairs where damp or mould has been identified and inspections with remedial works are fast-tracked.
Every tenant, resident and service user has been contacted via our text messaging service to contact us immediately should they have any damp or mould-related concerns.
Where appropriate, we are installing additional ventilation, positive pressure fan systems and increasing insulation in tenants’ homes.

See our Damp, Mould and Condensation Policy.


We have a project running to ensure all our properties meet an energy efficiency rating of C by 2025. We are pleased to report that nearly 80% of our accommodation meets these criteria and we have no properties above an E rating.

Adullam has a Damp, Mould and Condensation Policy that aims to assist in the delivery of a damp and mould service that will help to:
• Ensure that tenants and residents are treated in a fair and consistent way
• Comply with statutory requirements and good practice
• Focus on working in partnership with tenants ensuring that a safe and healthy internal environment is provided
• Undertake effective investigations and implement all reasonable remedial repair solutions and improvements to eradicate dump including managing and controlling condensation
• Ensure that tenants have access and or or provided with advice and guidance on managing and controlling damp and condensation.

You can find it in the My Adullam section of this website.

Adullam has created a leaflet with hints and tips that will help you keep condensation in your home to a minimum. The Energy Savings trust also has plenty of information and ideas on its website.