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Involving, informing and engaging with our tenants, residents and service users is central to how Adullam operates.

We want to encourage our tenants, residents and service users (TRS) to be involved in decisions we make about our services, and we use as many different ways as possible to make that happen.

Performance Measures

One of the things we like to do is feed back to TRS on how we are performing against measures. However, there are so many different performance areas we felt it best to report back on the five that they think are most important/most interesting to them.

We used a survey, distributed by email, text message, QR code, and staff to identify the areas TRS wanted to be updated about. The results, long with the latest achievements in each, are as follows:

  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Health & safety (including fire safety)
  • Building safety
  • Handling complaints
  • Safeguarding

A tenant asked to clean his room who responded well had his work acknowledged with a small incentive of his favourite food items. He told other residents who joined together to request the idea of having a “Room of the Week”. The suggestion was welcomed by staff who have adopted it into the local service offers.

TRS are kept up to date and are able to feedback through project reps that they appoint, scrutiny champions, attendance at committees and casual weekly drop-in sessions on site. TRS are welcome to ask any member of staff within their project for information.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new system for assessing how well social housing landlords in England such as Adullam iare doing at providing good quality homes and services. In addition to introducing revised consumer standards, this involves a set of tenant satisfaction measures that social housing landlords must report on.

In March 2024, Adullam sent the Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey to tenants living in properties that we own. You can see the questions here:

TSM survey questions

Here is the report ofthe findings from the TSM survey.

TSM final report for 2024

You said, we did

Feedback from TRS is listened to and acted upon. We place great value on lived experience. Examples of recent requests and actions that followed include:

An Association-wide survey retuned the result that different sets of people wanted to be grouped under different titles. As a result, the people with whom we work are called tenants, residents and service users.

To ensure we were reporting back to tenants, residents and service users on the areas they felt were most important to them a Survey Monkey questionnaire was circulated. The measures that came out on top are now reported back on this website, among other channels.

Answers to this one has seen a host of things organised – a seaside trip for young people in Derbyshire, party music choices for TRS in Cheshire, a karaoke session in Stoke, cooking on a budget in Leicester.