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Thought-provoking service

Awareness about homelessness and those working to support people affected by it has been raised by an event in Bolton organised to mark World Homeless Day.

Adullam’s award-winning Bolton Bridges team worked very hard to plan and deliver a service at Bolton Methodist Mission on Sunday.

And members of the congregation said they were shocked to hear how many people are affected in their own town.

In her reflection delivered as part of the service, Property Services and Operational Manager Dawn Thornber said: “World Homeless Day aims to draw attention to people who experience homelessness and their needs locally, providing opportunities for the community to get involved and work together in responding to homelessness.

Dawn Thornber at church lecturn

“In this year, perhaps more so than ever with the cost of living and more people losing their homes, it’s time to pause and reflect on how we come together to take action to meet the needs of the people we support.

“That can be the work we do through our Bridges projects, work at the Hive, destitution project, or some of the many other projects and groups based in Bolton.

“The numbers of homeless families in Bolton are growing, last year we supported just under 100 each week, now we are nearly 200 each week, this includes families with children.”

At the end of the service one of the attendees stood up to say how much he enjoyed it. He thanked the team for organising it and for the work they do.

Refreshments were organised after the service and among those enjoying these were residents from Bridges.

Dawn said: “During this time lots of people came up to us to again say what a lovely service it was, but also how thought-provoking. They had not realised the extent of homelessness around the town.”

People were told of the many different ways they can help, from making small donations of goods and/or money to volunteering some of their time. A donation was received on the day.

The service was very successful in meeting the aims of World Homeless Day.