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Tenant of the Month

A Tenant of the Month scheme being run by Adullam’s project in Denbighshire is proving an effective way of getting tenants, residents, and service users (TRS) involved and a means to encourage and reward positive behaviour.

Tenant of the Month for August is Rebecca, who has supported the team at all their fundraising events, has attended Ready Steady Cooking and Ready Steady Tenancy sessions. She also goes once a week to the fundraising ideas group in Denbigh, and she looks after her property beautifully. Well done Rebecca.

Adullam’s Denbighshire team has been running Tenant of the Month for some time. The winner each month gets a certificate, an article about them in the TRS newsletter, and a gift voucher, usually £10 from Amazon.

The reason tenants are chosen varies. Some are selected for keeping a nice home, or sticking to all of the rules, but winners have also included a person whose house was a mess who had had a go at scrubbing his bath and toilet. Another was awarded to a tenant who agreed to move properties so a family could have his two-bed property.

The title is designed to reward engagement and trying, and it seems to be working well with more people getting involved in the groups and activities the project runs.