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Wellbeing app proves a benefit

A detailed description of how one of our team members uses the premium version of a wellbeing app that Adullam funds for all staff was chosen as one of two winners in our staff Mental Health Awareness Week competition.

The SLT judges liked its sense of emotion and that it might encourage other staff to use the app in different ways.

Here’s what the entry said:

I live with, as most of us do, varying degrees of anxiety and stress on a daily basis.  Usually I take a preventative outlook to anxiety and stress by eating well, drinking lots of water, doing short, guided meditation, mindfulness and wellness sessions via the Calm app (I find the ADHD ones are best suited to me), walking in nature after work, and connecting with family and friends in my free time.

But sometimes I find myself becoming a little overwhelmed with both stress and anxiety, which can cause me physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea and great difficulty sleeping.  I find it hard to concentrate at work during these times, so I need to take a more proactive approach to sleep.

This is where I set up what I like to call my ‘bedtime shrine’ – my lavender filled air diffuser is on, my fan is blowing near my open window, the pillows are cool and plumped, the lamp is turned low, and my Calm app is playing infinite and unique ambient music quietly in the background.

I also read a book to help me get off to sleep.  Sometimes I will wake in the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep.  Reading then is a no-no for me as it encourages my brain back into activity mode.  So, at this point maybe I will open the Calm app again and play an ASMR sleep story to help quieten my mind and get back to sleep again.  The Beauty of Winding Down by Camila Cabello is a favourite of mine.

I love Calm for its variety of products and how little effort I need to put in for the number of positive outcomes I get from it.  Using the soundscapes during my working day also helps me stay focused on tasks.  Calm really has been a life-changing app for me!