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Becky’s Boutique

Residents at our Bolton Bridges Fleet House project are absolutely thrilled with a new boutique which has been officially opened on site.

It has been named Becky’s Boutique in honour of volunteer Becky who has helped Bolton Bridges Pathway Coordinator Caroline Mane to set it up. Becky manages it and opens it on a weekly basis when she goes in.

The idea for it came as a result of a generous donation from Tesco who found Fleet via Toiletries Amnesty, clothes and cosmetics that were left from the Magic Radio donation at Christmas, and ongoing generous gifts of clothing and accessories from many other sources.

On the day of the opening afternoon tea and scones were served. Fleet has had a coffee machine donated so residents can enjoy a coffee and a chat while they are browsing.

Residents don’t pay for items they have from the boutique, but staff are allowed to use it too and if they want to purchase anything there is an honesty tin.

Becky’s is proving very popular, with residents organising makeover sessions and using the screen to go behind and try things on.

Commenting, Bolton Bridges Property Services and Operational Manager Dawn Thornber said: “It’s really good to have the buzz, and Becky says she absolutely loves it. Away from Fleet she has spoken so much about the time with us, one of her friends wants to know if she can now volunteer.”