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One man’s trash…

Reuse and recycling by staff and residents at Adullam’s Beech House project in Congleton is helping to generate income for resident wellbeing initiatives.

Everyone has worked together to clear out any unwanted or disused items.  A donation area has also been set up on site, where donated and handmade items are on display for anyone who wants to make a small donation for any of the goods on offer.  So far more than £529 has been raised.

One of the wellbeing projects the money is going towards is the purchasing of bicycles which will be available for residents to use; to help keep them active, provide them with a means of transport, and of course give them an opportunity for them to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Congleton has to offer.  Alongside this, a small workshop is being set up on site where the bikes can be repaired and kept in a roadworthy condition.

Over the past year the Beech House team has been working with ASE who continue to support resident coproduction activities, by providing resources through the Kickstart programme, delivering peer mentoring training for residents, as well as making financial donations towards resident engagement.

Staff from Adullam locations who have any unwanted items and travel to or know someone who travels to Beech House, have been invited to make donations, to help keep up the recycling initiative and turn one man’s ‘trash‘ into another man’s ‘treasure’.