50th Anniversary

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2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Adullam Homes Housing Association.

To mark its milestone 50th anniversary, Adullam has organised events, taken part in ones organised by others, and taken significant organisation-wide steps such as revising its branding and developing a new user-friendly website.


Golden Pledges

As part of our anniversary work, a set of pledges have been written and approved. These are guiding the work of everyone within the organisation. Teams have created their own action plans to identify and evaluate their success against the pledges.

The pledges are:

  • We will provide good quality safe affordable homes that are well managed and meet tenant satisfaction measures set by the Regulator
  • We will Invest in our workforce, addressing gaps, and ensure a compassionate and inclusive culture for staff
  • We will make best use of our resources and demonstrate how we balance cost, quality, and performance
  • We will ensure that the quality of services TRS can expect are transparent and deliver positive outcomes and impact.

Project Celebrations

Each of Adullam’s projects was provided with vouchers for them to use for celebration events. Tenants, residents, service users and staff held parties, with many inviting partner organisation representatives to join them.

The celebrations are being captured in a book being created for the year called Golden Moments. It includes details and images of events that have taken place during the year, as well as information about other milestones in Adullam’s history.


The Golden Pledges have been developed and agreed by our Chief Executive and the Senior Leadership Team.

Each pledge has detailed action points listed beneath it. These cover everything from meeting repairs target timescales and satisfaction levels, through building on staff wellbeing offer to producing an annual impact report.

The Golden Pledges have become the foundation for our core business plan and our business development strategy. They will continue to determine our aims and targets.